Learn the latest technologies in Tamil and participate in the International Tamil Olympiad for winning the Knowledge game.

We are happy to invite you to our proven state-of-the-art Robotics Learning Environment.

Robotics is going to be the next revolutionary technology which in turn going to do a lot of wonders in people’s life. We are here to make robots learn from our ancient TAMIL literature to bring life back to our civilization.

100’s of Courses

ABCmatrix and JapanTamilRadio are proud to present their Learning Management Platform with the following theme for the benefit of Tamil students all over the world.

  • Introduction of programming concepts from Thirukkural and Aathichuudi.
  • Robotics in Science & Engineering which make makes Robots to give better solution which human cannot achieve.
  • Electronics Tool kits and Magazine as part of our education system will keep students connected with the latest technology robots and current human value system.

Programming concepts in Tamil

Introduction of Programing concepts in Tamil using Thirukkural and Aathichuudi.

Giving more importance to speech recognization and speech to text conversion with real-time activities.


Python programming is the gateway to latest cutting edge technologies like IOT and AI.

Students will be learning Python by getting more confidence in programming and Machine Language.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX is an important part of any project’s success and its failure.

Our UI/UX experts with lot of experience will take the students with practical problems and historical use cases to learn from others mistakes.

Database Design

Students learn about Big Data, Connected Community, Open Database with existing social media data.

Project available to enhance the curiosity of students learning of data with pattern generation from data that reveals social human behaviour and effects. 

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with real-time programming with AI concepts will give students the confidence to learn AI for making a better future.

Artificial Intelligence with Ancient Tamil Literature is the best combination to program the machines with lessons learned by humanity for centuries and still holds valid. 

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with real-time programming with AI concepts will give students the confidence to learn AI for making a better future.

Virtual Electronics

Virtual Electronics is an emerging way of teaching electronics to kids using the dashboard approach rather than the breadboard approach.

Virtual Electronics is a safe and cost-effective way of teaching students about the electronics fundamentals in a quick and interactive way of working.


Scartch programing for kids to learn and experience the power of programming over the online media using Scartch.

Scartch is the most preferred language by kids.

Become an entrepreneur

Why learning advanced technology at a young age inspires experts to be entrepreneurs?

  • Once Tamil Community was known for its trades across borders of the ocean.
  • As new technologies are eating way regular jobs, it opens a gateway for new industries with advanced technology skills.
  • As an international connected community, there is more opportunity to be an entrepreneur rather than salaried professionals, which is good for the individual and the nation.
  • We encourage you to be part of your Facebook group to start our Entrepreneurial journey with Robotics. 

Learn by Doing

As per the learning pyramid, one can acquire 75% of learning only when he/she by doing what is learned.

  • ABCmatrix is extending its platform via Robo-labs where students have excellent opportunity to learn by doing.
  • There are regular hackathon program for enhancing once programing experience.
  • ABCmatrix will be setting up robotics and electronics rental points for taking home the components for better learning and experience.

Build your future now

Future is there for those who make it.

  • Due to technology advancement at its current speed, the is always an uncertainty prevails for any professional.
  • There is always a future for those who are making it.
  • Japan Tamil Radio helps Tamil Students creating a strong profile and community portfolio where all job and career-building opportunities are shared among the members.

One team; One goal

ABCmatrix along with sponsors and followers conducting knowledge-based online games on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual.

  • We focus on top ten skills like listening, arts, music, speech, memory, dance, read, write, debate, and networking. 
  • One can participate in five different time zones.
  • First time we are combining skills at knowledge level for making team of different sizes and from different geographical locations.
  • We make sure that you are doing your best to produce better performance.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

As a founder of one of the leading skill development centers, I found ABCmatrix platform is fully user friendly and our students are encouraged to experience a world class facility from a remote place.

John Smith, Divi Design Initiative


You are most welcome to contact us with any questions.

  • Our objective is to reach all students to give training in the latest technology by creating community groups at different geographical locations.
  • Few questions for your kind reference.

What is the correspondence between Japan Tamil Radio and ABCmatrix?

ABCmatrix is the cross-platform for Education, Employment, and Entertainment as professional services. 

ABCmatrix and Japan Tamil Radio collaborate to leverage the individual capacity and compliment certain functions to give end to end solution for our customers.

What is the course timings

As we are operating at an international level, we are running 24X7 shift with our instructors, trainers, masters and coaches from all over the world.

What is the course fees range

We like to give the best service to our customers based on the time zone and number of participants. Our price starts from 10 USD per session to 1000 USD per session.

What about the certificate for the programs?

We are having different layers and levels of skill, talent and knowledge testing of individuals and as groups.

We are producing blockchain-based digital open certificates that are getting more valuation in the market, thanks to the transparency in the open certificates. 

Can I transfer the payment

You can transfer your payments to other courses or any of your other friends to continue the course.

However, we are not recommending as we enroll students for a course after complete consultation with the students, parents or gaurdian.

What is there in it for me.

Japan Tamil Radio and ABCmatrix is one of the world-class collaborations between organizations with rich global social presence and advance technology skills set for setting up the world’s largest knowledge-based economy. You are already one of the members of the winning community.

Demo classes

You are most welcome to join us in the upcoming demo class to take better decisions for your students future.

Premium Courses

We are happy to support you in identifying the best career plan that suits your natural talent and the market need. The kind of support from us will make you confident in taking up the best fit premium courses with us.

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