ABCmatrix is the association of professionals & Entrepreneurs

Due to Corona Pandemic Situation, Work from home options becomes a standard for professionals earning. Professionals joining with Entrepreneurs making a win-win situation for the customers and end-users. Register with us if you are a professional or an entrepreneur.


What We Do


Maintenance of any home appliances, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and so on. Spare parts details will be shared from experts.

Micro Finance

Micro Finance and FinTech are emerging fields in the world. With the use of technology and referral system, we are extending financial help from peer to peer under Smart Contracts based on blockchain.

ABC Referrals

ABC referral is one of the important components of #ABCmatrix.

Every participant in ABCmatrix to refer a minimum of two new members and every new member should be acknowledged by two existing members of ABCmatrix.

Global Networking

The whole world is now a click away. ABCmatrix provides an opportunity to get connected with our Global Network with respect to the profession.

Get the best out of our connected community and make the knowledge-based economy.

Cloud Serving

You might be knowing about crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding. Here we are speaking about Cloud-Serving based on the technology that we use for connecting the demand and supply.

Cloud Serving is one of the applications of ABCmatrix.

Risk Assessment

The biggest risk in life is taking no risk. With all the software simulation and use case study, we do a risk assessment for all your proposal with subject matter experts and support you in getting into a new lifestyle based on the network you are building.


ABCmatrix, an infrastructure built across the Social media.

ABCmatrix can be well understood by asking questions. The word coined in Qatar with the reference to various workplaces towards a common goal of hosting FIFA2022.

ABCmatrix is now taken across the world in partnership with Japan Tamil Radio for conducting the world’s first Tamil Olympiad in the year 2021, mind sports for developing an innovation economy.

We connect professionals and entrepreneurs through our platform called ABCmatrix consists of technology systems and services

Five types of lands. Five types of professionals.

In Tamil, the lands are divided into five types, namely Kurunji, Mullai, Marutham, Neithal, and Paalai. In ABCmatrix we have five types service professionals and entrepreneurs with associated technologies.