Martial Arts for Balance, Mind & Body

We are the first Martial Arts training group connecting Tamils in different countries through online classes.

We are now preparing our students for World First Tamil Olympiad

About Us

High Quality & Professional Martial Arts online Teaching Group for international students.

We are from the Lemuria Arts Training center from Tamilnadu. We start online Training due to Corona Pandemic situation. To our great surprise, we got a lot of students at the International level who are interested to learn our traditional arts.

We are now launching our first International online competition called Tamil Olympiad during Pongal2021.

Let us join hands to celebrate the victory of Tamils in taking our martial arts all over the world.


“I am very happy to have Lemuria Martial Arts as my preferred trainer’s team for preparing my child for the international Tamil Olympiad for Martial Arts.”

Lakshmi Devi, UAE

Our Classes

We have taken a step towards defining the Martial Arts with Yoga in three levels A, B and C with multiple stages.

Join our classes and see the progress in making the best use of your body, mind, and soul for complete growth in your life.

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Level A - Body

In level A you will be learning all the techniques to control your body with all equipment.

Level A has different stages from 1, 2, 3… onwards which will be defined for you during the class.

In Level A, it is all about you and the equipment alone.

Level B - Mind

In Level B you will be given the opportunity to use your mind to play with the opponents on one to one basis.

In the practice of level B, you need to take care of the timings and the action such that you and your opponent perform the play as one team.

Level B also has many stages from 1, 2, 3… which will be explained to you during the class.

Level C - Soul

In level C, you will be effectively using the techniques learned in level A and level B with control of your body and mind for entering into the soul consciousness where you will be playing with one to many. 

In practical if you want to explore your full potential without any limitations, you need to have the power to use the cosmic energy at the soul level for maximum benefit.

Level C is the only level where there are no further stages.

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

We are proud to say that along with our international partners we are giving the art of right balancing of life between Knowledge, Wealth & Power.

The usual situation between Time, Money, and Energy along with age where you will have one limitation and the other two in abundance are balanced with our integrated approach.


The Best of Martial Arts


Once you take up Martial Arts as part of your daily routine from any age group, you will feel that you are reborn and give more meaning to your life with your body.

Strength Building

Martial Arts brings bodily motion to all parts of the body and especially the joints, make your body strengthen. 

The body fitness that you are developing with Martial Arts helps you to protect your body in any unfavorable situations (God forbidden).

Stress Relief

Stress and anxiety are two growing illnesses across the world due to various reasons. 

Playing Martial Arts with like-minded people will reduce your stress level and this sport is being considered as one of the growing life style.

Relax & Refresh

There are a lot of ways to Relax & Refresh. In many ways either you will spend your hard-earned money or loss your health in different forms. Martial arts will keep your Relax & Refresh without any loss to your property and will ensure your health benefits.

Beauty of Body

The beauty of the body depends on the confidence you have as an individual.

Playing Martial arts on regular basis will prove the beauty is not related to age. More than the beauty of the body, you will see the beauty in the world.

Mind & Soul

When there is harmony between the mind and soul, you will realize the state of abundance.

The world with technology is proving any human can access the mind and soul and interact in a level to improve their life in all dimensions.

Ready to Make a Change?

Join us as a learner, team builder, or event organizer. Let us make a collaborative effort to balance our body, mind, and soul with martial arts.